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​​​​​​​​Ten Good Reasons to Visit Geneva


1. European Low-Cost Hub
Among European cities, Geneva is one of the best connected by low-cost airlines. Altogether, there are more than a hundred direct daily flights landing in Geneva. It’s so easy to take a city break !​

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2. Free public transport
Guests of a hotel, a youth hostel or a Geneva campsite receive the Geneva Transport Card. It entitles them to free public transportation. On the arrival floor at the airport, visitors can retrieve their free 80-minute ticket from a ticket machine in the luggage retrieval hall.​


3. A ‘City Pass’ for a budget price
The Geneva Pass is a true Open up! With more than 47 tourist attractions and activities, free or at preferential rates, including a few gifts. Get all of Geneva for a budget price!​



4. On the tourist’s bucket list
Year after year, Geneva attracts tourists from around the world. It is the best starting point for exploring the rest of Switzerland. Weekends and summer time offer preferential rates, but not exclusively. All year long, hotels of all categories offer very favourable conditions.​


5. An amazing natural setting
Geneva is a dream city thanks to a unique setting on the shores of Western Europe’s largest lake and a magnificent view of Mont-Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. The countryside, the perfect place for outdoor activities, is only a few minutes away from the city.​


6. Luxury shopping made easy
Timepieces of the most prestigious watch manufacturers make eyes sparkle. Rue du Rhône lines with more than 80 luxury boutiques. Nearby, you’ll find renowned fashion brands, exclusive jewellers and master-chocolatiers, all part of Geneva’s shopping paradise.​

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7. Capital of peace
Birthplace of the Red Cross movement and red Croissant and UN headquarters, Geneva’s exceptional history and international vocation add to the cosmopolitan and lively side of the city. A world of its own!​


8. Gourmet capital of Switzerland
The country’s finest restaurants are found in Geneva. Delicious local produce and an amazing array of ethnic cuisines make the clients spoilt for choice.

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9. The pinnacle of excellence
Geneva’s service sector strives for perfection: hotel industry, concierge services, clinics and private schools all meet the highest expectations.​

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10. A large range of cultural activities
Fine arts, entertainment, leisure, culture, sports, modern art, the world-famous Geneva Festival and four museums that are unique in the world… you never lack of things to do!​

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information and pictures courtesy of The Geneva Tourism Office, please visit their site for more information. Please click here.​

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